Shades of Blackness Poster


Shades of Blackness vol. 3 “Don’t Touch My Hair” is another investigation into how we as people of color find our beauty and agency. Our hair is one of those blessings that we have had to learn to embrace over time. I think this is a beautiful metaphor for the struggle for self love in it’s natural state (which I seem to be obsessed with). All of these images are photoshop free. I wanted to embrace the beauty of black realness, “flaws” and all. Using hair as a vessel for flowers moved me for some reason…I mean…I am mildly obsessed with hair, flowers, and beauty so never mind, I guess it makes perfect sense! I believe we are all doing the best that we can to get through life inspite of how incredibly difficult it can be. I wanted to capture these beautiful souls in what I see as their Saintly Status, giving them a flower crown on steroids and photography them with love. I continue to find the beauty in myself by seeking the humanity in others. I love my people and I love having a platform to share my point of view. Thank you for spending time with my work, it really means a lot to me to feel seen and received.